About IdeaHouse

IdeaHouse is a Minnesota-based contract/consulting business for book publishers, other media organizations, and writers. I have particular interest in projects related to theology, spirituality, and pastoral ministry, as well other humanities-related subjects like history and literature.

My experience runs deep, and my track record means you can be confident about the results. I thrive on offering creative services and solutions that help great companies and great writers do better work.

Barry Hudock


Before opening the doors of IdeaHouse, I worked for seven years at one of the premiere Catholic publishing houses in the United States, first as Associate Publisher and then as Publisher. There I conceived of, commissioned, acquired, shepherded to publication, and/or marketed hundreds of books and other resources. Before that I served as Executive Director at an inspiring social services agency in central Appalachia. 

I am also an award-winning author, having published eight books and nearly two hundred articles over the past twenty years on a freelance basis. I have a BA in Communications from Gannon University, an STB in Theology from the Gregorian University, and an STL in Sacramental Theology from The Catholic University of America. 

My wife Toni and I live with our kids (five girls and two boys, though two are out of the house now) in rural central Minnesota.

I'm a reader, a writer, a walker, a pray-er, a sinner, a husband, and a dad. Not in that order. I love spaghetti carbonara, crepes with Nutella, theology, cosmology, Stephen King, and Bruce Springsteen. I'm inspired by Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, and Philip Neri.