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Here's the thing: a good translator simply must have more than a good understanding of the source language; he or she must also be a good writer in the target language, able to convey not only the meaning, but also the voice and style of the original author. Also important is a familiarity with the subject matter. I bring that essential combination, especially when it comes to Christian theology and spirituality, as well as other subjects in the humanities, like history and literature.

See my Portfolio for a list of book-length translations I've done.

Praise for Barry's translation work

“Barry Hudock deserves commendation for introducing one of Italy’s most prolific and highly respected theologians to the English-speaking world in such a clear and readable translation.”

Patrick Regan, OSB (Author of Advent to Pentecost: Comparing the Seasons in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Roman Rite), on Beyond Pius V

What our customers are saying

“The translator, Barry Hudock, deserves nothing but praise.”

Paul Philibert, OP, Worship magazine, on Beyond PIus V

What our customers are saying

“Grillo’s thought processes can often be dense, but here he has been well served by his translator, a former student of his, resulting in a book that, while small, is remarkably clear.”

Paul Inwood, internationally acclaimed composer and liturgical scholar, 

on Beyond Pius V

What our customers are saying

“The translation from Italian is fluid and easy to read.”

Mark Francis, CSV, Worship magazine, on The Spiritual Meaning of the Liturgy